Thursday, November 12, 2009

Illegal Surveillance, Part III

After the series of events documented in my two previous blog posts concerning illegal surveillance, I realized I now had proof of the illegal surveillance my children and I had long suspected we were victims of. I went to the San Antonio FBI office and met with an agent there, but he was not particularly helpful. Another agent from there that I spoke with on the phone told me I needed to have someone from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s technical unit sweep our house and property for bugs, but when I called the DPS about this, I ran into a lot of run-arounds and stalling.

Eventually, I did speak with a DPS officer in their technical unit. He told me I needed to write a letter to the director, Col. Davis, requesting a sweep of our property because Col. Davis was the only person who could authorize this. The officer gave me Col. Davis’ mailing address, but I pointed out that we were in a hurry to get the sweep done and also that, based on past experiences, there was a high likelihood of my letter being stolen out of the mail, even if I sent I certified or registered. I asked for a number where I could fax my letter to Col. Davis instead, but this request was met with more stalling. I persisted, however, and eventually the officer from the technical unit called back and gave me what he said was the fax number for Col. Davis’ office. I quickly wrote a letter, faxed it, and asked for confirmation that it had been received, which I did receive. [Copies of these documents are posted on my Kamau blog,, as Kamau 157, 158, and 159.]

When I received no response to my request for a bug sweep from Col. Davis’ office, I faxed both him and the San Antonio FBI sample documentation like that already posted here plus additional documentation and continued to beg both agencies to help us. However, despite my providing them with a great deal of proof that we were under illegal surveillance and desperately needed help from them, I did not receive a single response of any kind from law enforcement—not even a simple yes-or-no answer regarding the sweep I’d requested as instructed. In desperation, I also appealed to the U.S. DOJ for help, but they also refused to respond in any way. [My many requests for this help are also posted at the kamaudocs blog mentioned above.] I was particularly alarmed to discover that the former head of the DPS’s statewide criminal investigation branch had lived in a house owned by my ex-husband’s family.

At the same time, I began filing serious complaints with both law enforcement and consumer agencies. When my consumer complaints were upheld but law enforcement at all levels continued to ignore me, I realized we would probably need to file a major personal injury lawsuit in order to get the help we needed and were entitled to. I began researching personal injury lawyers in San Antonio and Austin. When one particular personal injury lawyer was recommended to me by several different sources, I put together some sample documentation plus a letter asking for his help, and late at night on 10/13/07, I faxed this to him.

This fax of mine to the personal injury lawyer seems to have unleashed an absolute torrent of panic among Diop Kamau, his associates Greg Slate and Rob Jones, the local police, and my ex-husband. The next day, around 3 PM, I happened to look outside and saw that the gate to our pasture was standing wide open, something that could not have happened accidentally. Before I could race down the hill to close it, our livestock ran out, and I watched in horror as they took off down the street. One of my children and I immediately ran after them, but I left another of my kids at home to stay by the phone, since I’d also called the police when I realized our animals were headed for a major highway.

The decision to leave one of the kids in our house turned out to be crucial, because it soon became apparent that two police officers and two neighbors closely associated with my ex-husband were following us, watching us closely, and trying to get us away from our house in various ways (and, significantly, none of them helped us retrieve our animals; they just watched us and made fun of us). Eventually, we got our animals back on our own (and I immediately purchased and installed new locks on our pasture gates!).

Early the next morning, someone woke us up by trying to send a fax twice—but nothing actually transmitted. Very early the next day, I received a bizarre harassing email from “Manop joo” that included a link I didn’t click on. I immediately forwarded copies of this to law enforcement.

Later the same day, I suddenly received an email from Diop Kamau, whom I had not heard from since the previous summer. His email, posted here, was in much larger type than his previous ones, contained libelous statements about me, made demands for additional money that sounded like attempted extortion, and contained orders that I allow unspecified persons into our home to retrieve “several cameras and wireless devices”. Significantly, in this email, Kamau also finally admitted to having conspired with my ex-husband and local police officers.

I replied to Kamau, as posted here, with a request that he provide me with a detailed invoice for the money he claimed I owed him. I also reminded him he’d missed two previous deadlines for providing me with a listing of all equipment installed on my property and where it was located. Finally, I made it clear that none of the people he’d mentioned were allowed on my property for any reason and that I was contacting state and federal law enforcement immediately to ask for protection (which I did, although they did not respond).

The next day, I received a second email from Kamau (also shown here) insisting on an illegal invasion of our home to retrieve “equipment” that would involve local police officers. As you can see by my reply, I made it clear that I would not allow this, and I again appealed to the DPS and FBI for help. This time, I received an email from an unknown FBI agent saying only that they “were aware of our situation”.

On 10/21/07, Kamau sent me the third threatening email shown here. This time he said that the following Monday morning (10/23/07), Greg Slate and the local police would be invading our home. Once again I replied that I would not allow this and that I was again requesting protection from high-level law enforcement. Late on 10/22/07, when I hadn’t heard anything back from the FBI or DPS, I called the San Antonio FBI office and spoke to the night clerk there. He told me to call back in the morning. He also told me to “just not let anyone in, not even the police.”

Thankfully, no one showed up at our house the next morning, but ever since then there have been so many attempted break-ins that my children and I have been forced to keep our house attended at all times (meaning we can’t do anything together as a family). We continue to see many signs that we are under constant illegal surveillance, and we continue to be openly stalked and harassed by local law enforcement as well.

In June of 2005, local first responders had been in trouble for missing equipment that had been purchased with Homeland Security grants; some of this was surveillance equipment. In October of 2008, WOAI in San Antonio reported over $20 million worth of Homeland Security equipment was missing, including very sophisticated and expensive surveillance equipment. They said they’d turned over documented proof of this to Rep. Lamar Smith, but no other information was ever given out about this. I continue to wonder if any of this is on my property. [If you’re skeptical about the possibility of federal equipment being used for purposes of stalking, I suggest you also refer back to my 9/20/09 posting on this blog.]


Anonymous said...

sorry ml, when ASSSUGLI finished your attic they didnt see any such surveillance stuff you are talking about thus proving you paid what? 4400$ per month for nothing more that a very amateurish device in you front porch birdhouse.

you got ripped off royally.

ASSSUGLI will do a sweep for you but you have to stand in front of the courthouse for 3 days with a sandwich board sign that says " when i need help i call ASSSUGLI" ph# br549

ML said...

The above comment was written by my ex-husband.