Thursday, November 5, 2009


A couple of days ago, one of my adult children caught their grandfather driving onto our property. As soon as "Opa" realized he'd been spotted, he quickly backed out of our drive and sped off (heading in the same direction he'd been going before, so he wasn't just turning around).

My ex-husband and his family and friends have been warned repeatedly not to trespass on our property, but they do it all the time because they know law enforcement won't do anything and they seem to enjoy showing us and others that they can get away with it. Worse, "Opa" is an attorney who is well aware of the fact that he's breaking the law by coming onto our property.


Anonymous said...

you are a liar

Anonymous said...

a bald-faced liar with zero morals

you have a toxic aura. your readers should see you at the football game with a force field around you in which no one will sit

im sick of your insulting , absurd statements

this is as stupid as your "monkey turd" comment and as ridiculous as your allegation that the ac guys finished your attic without your knowledge

you were NOT this way when you were married

Anonymous said...

i always cut you slack because you really cant be lying if you believe what you say because of mental illness (paranoid personality disorder, look it up on wikipedia or wherever and see if you dont agree)

however , i think you are lying as well as delusional just to be a jerk ie incredibly unpleasant. at some point people would ask--if you hate your ex and every cop in your town and you think there is a huge conspiracy to get your land , why wouldnt you just sell your land and go somewhere else(and no, i have zero desire to buy or obtain your land under ANY circumstances and unfortunately for you, know one has any desire to use your land for development simply because it would be impossible to deal with you in any logical manner and ,duh! theres no market now
im baffled by your comment that lawyers want 30 -40 % of your land to represent you

since you already own the land free and clear your comment makes zero sense.

paranoid personality disorder explains virtually every thing you have written about

at least read about it with an open mind

Anonymous said...

the worst thing marylou tries to do is demonize her dad and ex father in law

there is zero chance this happened

she pulled a real stunt when her ex father in law tried to give each kid a trust for education or future needs

in a typical ml fashion she saw nothing but evil in this incredibly generous gesture. she talked the adult kids out of accepting the trust because she was sure it was a ruse to get their money

she caused considerable pain by her paranoid reaction to the trust

ML said...

A sample of the trust documents mentioned in the previous comment is posted here under the post entitled "Trust Issues" (9/23/09). If you examine this document, you will clearly see that its purpose was to take, not to give.

Anonymous said...

you cost the kids thousands because you could not logically proscess the trust

whe whole idea of the trust was to keep you from meddling

nevertheless you meddled and screwed things up horribly this is the one issue you deserve to be committed for

however we all agreed ultimately yo could be treated as an outapatint