Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Illegal Surveillance, Part I

On Oct. 11, 2005, I was surprised to receive a packet of documents I'd never seen before from the office of the Boerne lawyer I'd had to fire about a month earlier (when I discovered he'd been conning and misrepresenting me). These documents arrived completely scrambled, and it took me a full day to sort them and put them in order. After I'd done this, I discovered a number of chains of events I hadn't known about previously. These documents (and others not shown here) are from one of these and help document the following sequence of events that I now know occurred. (To understand where this fits in overall in our situation, please see the "My Sotry" post at the beginning of this blog.)

1) Private investigator Ed Hodges (and unknown others?) filed fraudulent trust documents that weren't properly notarized in my name at our local courthouse.

2) Shortly after these documents were filed, Hodges received a cryptic email from a "Mr. Henri" asking Hodges to put $5,000.00 into the CA bank account of a company called Technipol International Corp. [email shown here].

3) Person or persons unknown mailed something to my ex-husband by certified mail the day after Hodges received the above email.

4) The day after that, Hodges had me give him a check for a large sum of money he claimed I owed him.

5) Shortly after getting my money, Hodges used it to set up a new account with Merrill Lynch.

6) As soon as the Merrill Lynch account was set up, Hodges began sending urgent requests for Merrill Lynch to wire $5,000.00 to the Technipol account as requested by "Mr. Henri". Hodges was in such a hurry to make this wire transfer that he repeatedly got the account numbers wrong and had to keep redoing his requests.

7) Finally, as shown here, the $5,000.00 was transferred on 1/26/04.

Please note that I was completely unaware of any of this until I received the documents late in 2005, and for a long time after I did receive them, I was not sure what they meant.

Recently, I discovered that Technipol makes sophisticated surveillance equipment for the CIA, the Secret Service, and others. (Besides the local connections to LBJ's Secret Service agents, current Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurt, who owns a ranch nearby us, served as a CIA officer in Bolivia, the same country where my nephew once had a summer internship.) I never saw ANY of this equipment, but my children and I have certainly seen and heard many, many things that cannot be explained in any other way than that we are under full-time illegal surveillance somehow and that local police, my ex-husband and his family and friends, and others seem to have constant/ready access to this.


Anonymous said...

just so everyone knows;;;ml insisted that hodges do something about the drive by's and all the other imangined events, so hodges gets survillance equipment with mls blessing ,of course, she 'insisted' 'urgently' that this be done, she knew damn well it was her money ,, she AUTHERIZED ALL THIS CRAP!!!
poor hodges was'desperate' by this time to rid his life of the very lovely author of this blog, by now knowing what all you yeaders know, that ml is seriosly impaired by her paraniod personality disorder

ML said...

I have reason to believe that my ex-husband's use of "very lovely" above is related to illegal surveillance of me in my bedroom and bathroom.

Anonymous said...

mary lou is far from very lovely in her soul.

poor hodges

mary lou has likely never been surveilled by anyone with doubtful exception of diop, with her blessing