Saturday, November 7, 2009

Illegal Surveillance, Part II

In the fall of 2006, I hired Diop Kamau and his Police Complaint Center to help me deal with constant serious stalking and harassment problems my kids and I were having with local law enforcement (who are all close associates of my ex-husband; the local police chief is also a lifelong BFF of my ex-husband and his brother). My dealings with Kamau and various associates/employees of his are extensively documented at

By the end of June 2007, I was becoming suspicious of Kamau because he’d asked for and received large sums of money from me yet I had nothing tangible to show for this, and the harassment and stalking of us had become worse, not better. One day, as I was thumbing through an old local phone book, I discovered a listing for a “G. Slate” that I immediately realized might be for Greg Slate, an investigator Kamau had assigned to our case and sent to our home a couple of times. I realized that if Slate was local, he and Kamau had lied to me, and this would also tie them to my ex- and local law enforcement and mean I was being conned. I immediately sent Kamau a text message from my cell phone asking him if Greg Slate was from here.

What followed was a series of text messages exchanged between Diop Kamau, Greg Slate, and me, some of which are posted here. [For others, please see the blog mentioned above.] I quickly noticed Kamau was being evasive and was trying to reassure me while at the same time trying to find out exactly what I had and had not figured out.

Because my children and I continued to see and hear so many signs that locals knew things going on within the privacy of our home and vehicles, we had long suspected we were under illegal surveillance. Now, with the sudden realization that Kamau had conned me and was probably conspiring against me with my ex-husband [I remembered a previous incident from 2/07, also documented in the other blog, that potentially linked them as well], I became extremely concerned about all the money Kamau had charged me for surveillance equipment I’d never actually seen and the ways Kamau had persuaded me to allow Slate and another associate I’d known only as “Paul” [probably Paul Merryweather] access to various areas of our house such as our attic, basement, and computer.

As documented here, I quickly insisted Kamau furnish me with a complete and detailed history of all equipment his company had installed on our property and the exact locations of this equipment. Kamau at first agreed to furnish me with this list but then began insisting I let Greg Slate come onto my property and into my house to give it to me rather than faxing or emailing the list as I’d asked. When I continued to refuse to allow Slate on my property, Slate waited until I had just gotten into the swimming pool with my kids that night [how did he know??] and then blatantly trespassed on my property to remove an unknown device from a decorative item on our front porch and repeatedly honked his horn afterward so we’d know what he’d done. Kamau at first denied Slate had done this, but when I texted information about Slate’s car proving the kids and I had seen him, Slate himself texted me back to brag about what he’d done.

Diop Kamau then admitted there was some sort of expensive, high-tech. surveillance equipment hidden inside our home, and he continued to insist that I allow Greg Slate inside to retrieve it. I refused, and I quickly phoned the FBI in San Antonio to tell them I had reason to believe we were under illegal surveillance by local police. I asked for a thorough sweep of our property, both over the phone and then in person by going down to their offices and meeting with an agent, but they repeatedly refused to do anything and insisted I needed to request the sweep from the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Col. Davis, instead. I did this also (repeatedly), but the only response I received from them was that they’d received my original request. I eventually furnished both the TX DPS and the FBI with extensive documentation of the illegal surveillance we had every reason to believe we were under plus documentation of possible ties between my ex-husband, Kamau, and others related to our case, and I made repeated requests for a thorough sweep of our property by high-level law enforcement (including the U.S. DOJ), but they all refused to even provide me with a simple yes-or-no answer. When the Texas Rangers eventually advised me to file a criminal complaint locally, I was asked to meet with Dep. James Segner at his office; when I did so, he forced me to step over and around what appeared to be a large amount of surveillance equipment he had all over his floor (and laughed at me as I did so) and then proceeded to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’d had access to a private conversation I’d had with two of my children inside our house!

Important Note: As soon as I realized I’d been conned by Kamau, I began sending these text messages to my email address and printing them out, but because we’d suddenly begun having severe computer problems and also because I was in a hurry to get as many of them printed out as possible before they disappeared, I didn’t notice that they were printing out with the dates they’d been printed on them rather than the dates they’d been sent. As a result, I’ve had to use my memory to try and arrange them in order as best I can, and I freely admit that some are not in the correct order. However, I’m confident that what is posted here is as accurate a representation of what was sent when as possible and that even considered at random, these messages are incriminating.

Key: Initials in red indicate the sender of each text message. DK = Diop Kamau; M = me; GS = Greg Slate.


Anonymous said...

one thing we all can agree on: you wasted a bunch of money on the police complaint center

mary lou hired kamau to get evidence that the local cops were after her diop understood at THE FIRST PHINE CALL TO ML that she was crazy indeed

he recorded the call and posted it on his resposnse to ml's bbb complaint. thus indicating from day one kamau realized he had a real live one

unfortunately for ml she didnt realizeshe was had til she spent 63k (using he numbers)

ML said...

I have extensive documentation proving most of the statements made in the above comment are totally false posted at http://kamaudocs.blogspot.oom. For example, see Kamau 30, Kamau 35, Kamau 53, and Kamau 128. For a discussion of Kamau's use of creatively edited/doctored tapes of phone calls, see Webpost 1 on the same site.

Anonymous said...

nope,you dont diop thought you were nuts on your VERY FIRST CALL

chech out his recording in his resposnse to the bbb complaint