Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crime And "Punishment"

The people who commit blatant and repeated crimes against my children and me seem to have some sort of sick need to “punish” me each time I try to file a complaint, request help, blog about an incident, etc., and this has been going on for many years. The trespassing stuff recently blogged about here is a prime example of this, but, sadly, it’s just the tip of a very large iceberg indeed. For example, each time I send a faxed complaint or request for help, I receive at least one (and often more) prank faxes within the next 24 hours. These usually come in at awkward or inconvenient times, too: when we’re just sitting down to eat, when we’re in the bathroom, when we’re asleep, etc. Ditto for phone calls—each time I make one trying to help our situation, we soon receive at least one prank call of some sort (sometimes hang-up, sometimes “silly”, sometimes downright harassing; always logged and described in writing by us afterward). Ditto for harassing mail and emails I receive in response to requests I’ve made for help, some of which include threats, ridicule, unsolicited funeral or health plan information, and invitations for my ex-husband and his current wife to various prominent social functions I used to attend with my husband years ago sent to them by name at my address even though the senders are close associates and/or relatives of my ex- who are fully aware he hasn’t lived here in over 10 years.

Sometimes the “punishment” is personal, as happened last night when lifelong close associates of my ex- followed one of my kids and me into a restaurant. Often, the constant stalking, harassment, and “punishment” takes the form of people parading back and forth in front of our home in various costumes, disguises, or with various animals. (Because they know it makes our dog bark, the latter are especially common early in the morning, at which time they stand directly in front of our front door for up to 15 minutes at a time.) Other times, after I’ve complained to law enforcement about blatant drug-related crimes, we will be “punished” by having loads of dope paraded back and forth in front of our house—in one case, we even photographed 2 city employees transferring tan, shrink-wrapped bundles from the back of an official city truck to being tied underneath or behind the front bumper with thin black cord. When I complain to authorities or on this blog about the illegal surveillance we’re under, my ex- soon turns up on a bike just down the street or around the corner the next time I go somewhere.

This morning, the “punishment” took the form of either my ex-husband or someone who looks a great deal like him (it was hard to tell for certain because he was wearing a hard hat) and two associates waiting just our of sight from our front door at the far southeastern corner of my property. As soon as I started up the driveway with our dog to get the newspaper, these 3 men (all wearing hard hats and neon vests) came walking slowly towards me grinning. They remained in front of our house the entire time I was outside and then left when I sent back in.

I understand that abusers frequently use these kinds of illegal behaviors to try to dominate and control others, but our situation begs the question of why entire communities would stoop to these kinds of behaviors despite being fully aware they are wrong and criminal—AND why law enforcement, the media, and various professional organizations would knowingly cover these up. (Again, we are NOT the only victims of this stuff here by any means—look up, for ex., the letter written to the Kerrville Daily Times by Milton Maughan.) Is this what M. Scott Peck described as “group evil” in his famous book, People of the Lie? Or is it a manifestation of something even darker that is evidenced by the racist/Nazi graffiti my children tell me is openly written all over the restroom walls at school, the cross one of my children once witnessed being burned at a high school pep rally with school board officials in attendance (that I complained to the FBI about; of course they did nothing about it), the “Patriots For Freedom” public rallies which used to be advertised in the local newspaper that taught survival skills in case of catastrophic war openly on our street corners, and more?

As more and more of this stuff is being made public, it’s no wonder a few wise pillars of the community are starting to be concerned about how this area will end up being perceived historically (see my 10/26/09 blog). I will be coming back to this subject again later, because close family members of some of the “insiders” involved in all this stuff turn up in some very surprising places in state and federal government and within the military.


Anonymous said...

this is classic paranoid personality disorder (dsmIV) please read about it

neutral or friendly events are seen as personal attacks

Anonymous said...

im afraid ml has found out about out 2 secret societies
attic-refinishers secret society and now secret utility guys liason international
so the next time someone secretly refinishes your attic AND repairs utilities on your street you can be sure it was by now combined group A.S.S.S.U.G.L.I. and you can sua WOW that's asssugli !!!