Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Illegal Surveillance Summary

Copy of an ad published in the San Antonio Express-News

In Part I (posted here on 11/3/09), I documented the fact that a substantial amount of my own money was used without my knowledge to purchase sophisticated federal surveillance equipment. [Note: I can provide additional financial and other documents showing the money trail for this.]

In Part II (posted here on 11/7/09), I documented the fact that Diop Kamau of the Police Complaint Center had knowledge of sophisticated/expensive surveillance and other equipment installed on my property and that he repeatedly refused to provide me with information on either the type of equipment installed on my property or where it was located. I also documented the fact that an unlicensed investigator working for Kamau named Greg Slate (who may have ties to this area, has been described by Kamau on the internet as having access to and frequently using very sophisticated surveillance and computer equipment, and whom I allowed into my home at Kamau’s insistence before I knew all this) admitted to trespassing on my property remove some sort of equipment when I began to confront Kamau.

In Part III (posted here on 11/13/09), I documented serious threats made by Diop Kamau of an illegal invasion of our home by Greg Slate and local law enforcement officers to remove unspecified equipment immediately after I’d contacted a personal injury lawyer about a possible lawsuit. I also documented the fact that Diop Kamau himself mentioned that he had connections to my ex-husband and local law enforcement. Finally, I documented and discussed the failure of high-level state and federal law enforcement to do anything to help us, despite my repeated pleas that they do so. [There is considerable additional documentation of this posted at my other blog, http://kamaudocs.blogspot.com.]

In Part IV (posted here on 11/14/09), I documented the fact that a law enforcement investigator named Rob Jones, whom Kamau stated in Part II worked for him, somehow illegally obtained two pages of my private fax to the personal injury lawyer and brazenly emailed them back to me as a fake eFax just to let me know he had them. I also discussed the fact that Kamau had originally told me Jones was from Texas but later said Jones was from Kentucky, after which I realized Kamau and others might be trying to use Jones to explain away stamped markings on the backs of my cancelled checks to Kamau (shown in my 8/28/09 posting here entitled “Check Connections”) that potentially tied Kamau to my father (a known close associate of my ex-husband’s). [An additional potential link between Kamau and my ex-husband is posted on the kamaudocs site as “Kamau 51”.] Finally, I discussed the fact that I had also received an email I considered a death threat from Jones (shown here in my 10/3/09 post here entitled “Other Police Threats“) and rumors that Jones actually worked for our local D.A.

These documents are also posted at my kamaudocs blog, along with substantial additional documentation. In 2005, local first responders were in trouble over missing surveillance equipment., as reported by the San Antonio Express-News. I have previously discussed the fact that over $30 million worth of Homeland Security equipment has been reported as missing and that some of this is sophisticated surveillance equipment (see also my 6/19/09 post here entitled “Serious Concern”). The lifelong close friendship between my ex-husband, his family, and the local police chief has been documented numerous times on both of my blogs (see especially “Kamau 155” at the kamaudocs blog).

I believe all of this taken together shows that my ex-husband has conspired with multiple other persons, including law enforcement officers, to cruelly use my own money multiple times to purchase sophisticated surveillance and other equipment that was then illegally installed inside our home and vehicles and outside on our property and used to criminally stalk and harass us for years. Further, because my children and I have logged and documented in the past and continue to log and document serious incidents where numerous people (both known and unknown to us) clearly have detailed information regarding incidents and conversations taking place within the privacy of our home and vehicles, we believe this illegal surveillance is ongoing and is being provided to numerous others, including law enforcement.

In my kamaudocs blog mentioned above, I also document my numerous appeals to high-level state and federal law enforcement for relief from and prosecution of the illegal surveillance of us. You can see the U.S. Department of Justice’s shocking response posted below (my 9/20/09 post entitled “Response From DOJ“). Meanwhile, we have daily reminders that that the illegal surveillance of us continues unabated.

I don’t know how or when the U.S. became a secret police state where stalking, harassment, and illegal surveillance using federal law enforcement equipment for purposes of domestic abuse became acceptable to law enforcement and other with access to it; I only know that it has, since the DOJ and DHS clearly know all about it yet continue to refuse to do anything about it. Domestic violence czar Lynn Rosenthal has also been made aware of our situation, and she too continues to refuse to respond in any way to our requests for help and relief. (Is it any wonder prominent locals are suddenly writing frantic letters to the local newspaper asking the community to consider how they will be viewed historically in the future?)

There are very important things EVERY reader of this blog can (and should!) do to stop this. Contact your representatives in Congress to demand a full accounting for missing state and federal equipment that was paid for with taxpayer money, insist on proof that state and federal law enforcement and surveillance equipment is not being used for illegal purposes like stalking, harassment, and organized crime (especially drug trafficking), and make it clear that you expect the U.S. Department of Justice to fully and aggressively prosecute any and all criminal acts related to this. Send a short email to President Obama and Vice President Biden letting them know you are aware of the situation here and that it’s not acceptable. You can also contact media representatives and insist that they investigate the situation here and report it fully (see my 9/20/09 blog post here entitled “A Reporter Said“).

Finally, it goes without saying that persons with knowledge of criminal acts are required by law to report such acts to law enforcement in a timely manner or face possible prosecution themselves. The national FBI.gov website has a secure webform for submitting information that takes only a few minutes to fill out and submit, so there are no excuses for failing to report information on known illegal acts. Persons who knowingly access illegal surveillance should be especially concerned about this.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

to summerize
"i imagined that everyone was watching me when
xxxxxx left me
i gave hodges 50g and diop 63 g to catch the perps
they couldnt find any perps so were obviously part of the conspiracy

im totally p.o.'ed at them and myself and i want my money back that i gave them willingly for 3-4 years

i am a fool"

looks like 'ol ml is gonna have to get a job likr the rest of us sicne she is gonna piss away all her assets to get the owl hooters,etc

ML said...

One of my children goes to college in another state but still uses my address as their permanent home address. A recent mix-up with their bank resulted in my receiving several calls related to my child's account. Because we are under constant illegal surveillance of various types and because a great many people are apparently being given access to this illegal surveillance, my child said that after I received the calls from the bank, they almost immediately began receiving multiple harassing calls (hang-up, silly noises, etc.) on their unlisted cell phone that came up as being from numbers they didn't recognize. We believe these calls were made solely to let us know how many people have access to the illegal surveillance of us.

no name said...

Much of what is happening can be explained in the novel 1984 the government, corporations, schools are like the "inner" party All they care about is power and those in on the secret surveillance are like SATANISTS whether or not their surveillance comes from black magic and psychicry through allegiance to the Devil or whether the surveillance is done with "secret" PSYCHIC! yes psychic! interference technology that has come from either the future, outerspace, or has been devised by followers of the Devil to aid in the carrying out of his terrible plans to threaten u into failure and desperation to cause u to lose your soul, at which point a psychic magical demon will take over your body and life, to start in on YOUR neighbors, drug dealers, rascists including rascist brown and black gangs, not just white rascist, sports fans, and online gamers and spy enthusiasts as well as corporations are also the biggest culprits. The government and people in on the secrets engage in all kinds of crimes toying with the populace secretly while still pretending our government follows the constitution. Maybe the muslims knew something about this when they called the US gov the Great Satan...Satan has bestowed priveleges on these people and we all just think it must be explainable by technology due to advances in technology in the modern age....u can not engage in devilry or learn witchcraft to block the witchcraft others launch at u in playing these mind games rather u must invoke God's name and ask him to block each magic/psychic attack...their technology is only to enhance their evil powers. Don't get sucked into their witchcraft lifestyles.