Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Jimmy Brown?

There certainly are a lot of people named Jimmy Brown involved in our case. (If you haven't done so already, please read "My Story" at the very beginning of this blog.)

My ex-husband made some comments about this at the end of my 11/24/09 posting here entitled "What's The Buzz?" about one or more of these people. Here I'm providing a page from the Texas DPS-PSB website that gives information on licensed private investigators in the state of Texas. How coincidental is it that a person with the name of Jimmy Brown just happened to be licensed under one of Ed Hodges' companies?

I think this Jimmy Brown is probably the same person who used to work as a security guard at our local hospital and was a very close associate of my ex-husband's--so close that for at least a couple of years he was at my ex-husband's home virtually every time my children went over there for visitation. He even went on vacations to the aforementioned waterfront house in British Colombia, Canada with my ex-husband and my children.

If this Jimmy Brown and that Jimmy Brown are the same Jimmy Brown, then this Jimmy Brown died very suddenly on the same day that my youngest child and I saw a city ambulance parked along the street directly in front of my ex-husband's office around 7 A.M., and this Jimmy Brown provided a link between my ex-husband and Ed Hodges. My kids are still extremely upset and frightened over Mr. Brown's sudden demise. Oh, and Ed Hodges is also now deceased.

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Anonymous said...

Look you stupid f*cking bitch. Jimmy Brown is one of the most common names I know . Shut the hell up about the man and let him rest in peace. There are days when I read these that I wish you would just die so nobody would be slandered by you. We can always hope for a miracle.