Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another One

According to a "mini-article"in this morning's San Antonio Express-News, another close associate of my ex-husband and his brother was found dead under suspicious circumstances yesterday. The article says the man had been missing since Friday, but we never saw or heard anything on the news about the extensive search for him that was described. Of course it was my ex-husband's buddy the local sheriff and his friends who found the body "in a wooded area on an adjoining ranch".

Once again I'm left unable to answer the frightened questions of my children, who grew up with this man's kids. Many years ago when I was still married, I remember my sister-in-law telling me a wild story about this man and his wife, who I was told were extremely wealthy, deciding to move here from Dallas because their children had either been kidnapped or had been threatened with being kidnapped. They'd supposedly come to our area because they believed it was safer. Coincidentally (?), the man worked for the same construction company previously discussed here in my post entitled "Spouses". I also remember that his sister-in-law, an accountant, died suddenly while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands a few years ago; her husband currently lives nearby.

There has been an extreme and unusual dearth of information given out by this same sheriff concerning the murder investigation of the death of the young man who was found at an unnamed ranch house near here months after he disappeared from Kendall County. San Antonio news coverage of this recently had short press releases saying two young men had been arrested in connection with this homicide, but there's been no additional information given out that I'm aware of and no mention of any of this in our local paper. This is frankly unbelievable under the circumstances; a homicide in a small town is usually considered much more newsworthy. (Update: There is a short piece in the local paper this week about the case, but it contains very little additional information.)

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