Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Latest Trends In Local Harassment

Lately any time I step outside or go anywhere, people who are waiting nearby and obviously know I'm coming start driving by me in various moving vans, moving company trailers, or rental vehicles. Also, when I walk my dog in the evenings now (at different times every evening this time of year), anywhere between 50 and 100 or more vehicles (some of them marked police patrol vehicles) suddenly turn up and start driving by me repeatedly, often with their drivers and passengers yelling at me, waving at me in an exaggerated manner, pretending to blow kisses at me, etc. I have a feeling all this is related to a statement once made openly at a city council meeting by the local police chief that he "couldn't wait to kick [my] sorry ass out of town".

While most of the moving stuff is relatively new, some things continue to be the same as they've been for a long time--the constant parades of vehicles and people back and forth in front of our house when I do yard work out front and the people standing in front of our house very early in the morning in order to get our dog to bark and wake us up, for example. The trashy and/or bizarre items thrown in our yard and pasture or strewn along my walking path continue unabated as well. The number of prank calls and faxes we receive seems to have dropped off lately, but the constant hacking of out computer continues. An example from today: our water softener went out over the weekend, and although my kids and I discussed this only while we were inside the house and when I called a repairman, tonight I started getting repeated pop-ups advertising various water treatment services on our computer even though I hadn't clicked on or mentioned anything at all related to these services during my session. (Every year around my ex-husband's birthday we suddenly receive similar pop-ups reminding us of his birth date.)

While I don't know that it's necessarily related to the ongoing harassment of us, one more thing happened recently that was strange enough to deserve a mention here: less than one-fourth of the graduating class from our local high school attended the baccalaureate service the other night. You have to understand that normally the attendance rate for this is close to 100% and the chosen church is packed to the gills instead of being over half empty as it was this year. My kids and I decided this might have been due to the fact that it was over a holiday weekend, but normally this town (and my ex-husband and his family, who never told my youngest, one of the graduates, that they wouldn't be attending) never misses a photo opportunity or a celebration.

Update, 6/3/10: The numbers of people and vehicles doing drive-bys have decreased since I wrote the above, but today someone scattered toilet paper along the route I normally walk. Also, today during school hours, we had to threaten to call the police on a group of kids of school age (during school hours!; kids here seem to come and go from the schools at will) who were skateboarding on our driveway and in our front yard (which clearly involved trespassing on private property) when they were slow to leave after we told them to. Just another day around here...


ML said...

Today's harassing item was an inflated purple surgical glove that was left in a spot where I was certain to see it down at the corner where I walk every night. Coincidentally, I had just seen my ex-husband and his wife drive by me about 10 minutes beforehand.

ML said...

Of late, every time I go outside, someone in one of the houses nearby starts up some sort of loud harassing noise (hammering, nail gun, yard equipment, or other). The noise is continued while I'm outside and then magically stops when I go back into the house.

Also, one of my children goes to college in another state but still uses my address as their permanent home address. A recent mix-up with their bank resulted in my receiving several calls related to my child's account. Because we are under constant illegal surveillance of various types and because a great many people are apparently being given access to this illegal surveillance, my child said that after I received the calls from the bank, they almost immediately began receiving multiple harassing calls (hang-up, silly noises, etc.) on their unlisted cell phone that came up as being from numbers they didn't recognize. We believe these calls were made solely to let us know how many people have access to the illegal surveillance of us.

ML said...

I keep hoping someone will be brave enough to post a comment here explaining all or part of what was really going on at baccalaureate. (Yes, I know.) Hint: It had a lot to do with who was there, who was not, where it was held, and who was in charge. The recent editorial in the local newspaper was related to this.

Anonymous said...

perhaps mary lou should document the 100+drive by harrassers ok 10 ok 3 ok none ok

set up a tripod and run by while sticking your tongue out