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The history behind the fraudulent trust document that is discussed so often in this blog is explained in the post at the very beginning of this blog entitled "My Story" (posted 6/18/09). Because this clearly manipulated document features so prominently in our continuing situation, I've decided to discuss it in more detail, which I'll be doing in this and the next few posts here in the hope of finally finding a lawyer who will actually help us instead of trying to cheat us.

This document was filed by the county despite not being properly notarized (see "The Legal Situation", posted 6/23/10). The document that was filed is very different from a document I signed, and my initials were forged on all the pages except the one containing my signature, which was retained and was on clearly different paper. An accurate description of the document in the form of an excerpt from the report written by a professional document examiner I hired is posted at "She Said" (9/16/09).

Other descriptions of the document in question with highly variable degrees of accuracy are posted here at "They Said". The descriptions by the former FBI and DEA agents are fairly accurate, but the letter from their document expert friend is not at all correct. The letter from Ed Hodges' first document expert, the ex-Secret Service agent, that is posted at "He Said" (9/17/09) contains totally false information. Ditto for the letter from Hodges' second expert, posted under "I Was Told He Said" (9/18/09). False statements from some of the attorneys who conned me with regard to the document are also posted at "They Said" and "She Said".

Here I am posting copies of each of the five different versions of just the first page of the fraudulent document (with personal stuff removed) that I've obtained. I will explain each by the number I've put on it at the top left.

1) This is a copy of the first page of a draft of a trust document that was faxed to me by private investigator Ed Hodges on 12/18/03. As explained in "My Story", Hodges called me before faxing this document to tell me he was sending it. He also pressured me to sign it quickly. When I read it, I discovered it gave him and his attorney-friend total control of my house and property. Even though I'm not a lawyer and have little knowledge of legal affairs, I still was able to realize there were many problems with the document Ed had faxed. I made some notes in pencil on the document about some of these problems, and I told Hodges I couldn't sign it and why. Although I didn't notice it at the time, I later discovered Hodges and his attorney friend had already signed this draft document. The former DEA agent I later hired as a p.i. and then had to fire insisted I give him my original of this document that has my penciled notes about the changes on it, and he refuses to return it to me.

2) After being very heavily pressured and frightened by various incidents (that I realize now were staged), I did sign a completely different document Hodges provided me with that had all the changes and safeguards I'd insisted on. I followed Hodges' carefully written instructions (which I'm not posting for now, although they're extremely interesting in light of all that has occurred) about what to do and how to send the document back to him. He then told me he'd filed the document I'd signed and would provide me with a copy. I received the copy this page is from by regular mail sometime in the middle of January 2004. At that point, I still trusted Hodges and happened to be extremely busy at the time, so I filed the document away without looking at it. Notice that this page is the same as the first copy--and most definitely NOT the document I signed (which I'd have realized if I'd looked at it more carefully). Also notice how light the printing is on this version of the page, which is evidence of copying. My document examiner provided strong scientific evidence of my initials having been forged on this and all of the other pages except the page with my signature, which I know for a fact to be true (because I'm positive this isn't the document I signed).

3) Along with the document returned to me as explained in #2, this extra copy of page 1 with a filing number was also enclosed. This copy also has my initials forged by someone on it. It also has markings at the top indicating it was faxed to someone by the county. Later, after I realized I'd been defrauded, I went to the courthouse and asked who it had been faxed to, but of course they wouldn't tell me.

4) After I discovered the fraud, the former DEA agent I was employing at the time as a private investigator instructed me to go to the courthouse and "obtain a copy of everything they had on file" under the fraudulent trust. However, when I did this, I was only given a few pages of some sort of deeds that had completely different filing numbers. I went home, called the investigator, and told him the courthouse had refused to give me what I'd asked for. He told me to go back, give them the filing number, and insist of getting a copy of everything on file under it. When I did this, they gave me a copy of the document whose first page is shown here. By this time, I knew enough to realize what was on file was indeed the original document I'd refused to sign with my initials forged on it. I also noticed that the signatures of Hodges and his lawyer-friend looked exactly like the ones that were on the draft document faxed to me earlier (#1, the one I refused to sign).

5) Immediately after I received the report from the document examiner I'd hired (see "She Said", 9/16/09) stating the trust document on file was fraudulent and manipulated, Ed Hodges filed a lawsuit against me and my children alleging we owed him and his lawyer-friend large sums of money for clearly fraudulent "trust duties" (some of which were from time periods when I hadn't even known them!) and property taxes Hodges claimed he'd paid on my property--even though I'd paid all of the taxes myself and had all the receipts and cancelled checks for them! (My kids and I quickly filed a counter suit.) This final copy of the first page of the fraudulent trust document is from the initial paperwork Hodges filed with the court as part of the lawsuit. Although I've removed them for posting as before, the initials that are supposed to be mine are again clear forgeries. In this copy of the document, each page has double lines down the entire right side. This is something I've seen on official documents from law enforcement agencies, and I believe it may be related to the fact that Hodges was using the former Secret Service agent of "He Said" (9/17/09) as his expert witness at the time. (This expert suddenly quit shortly after I discovered potential ties between him, the local real estate market, and my ex-husband. Since then, he has harassed me.) Finally, notice that there is faint handwriting at the top of this page. I will be discussing this later.

These are the documents numerous lawyers and even a retired judge have tried to use to extort money and property from me repeatedly. The local tax appraisal board has used this document to try and conceal enormous increases in my tax appraisals, the illegal changing of ownership names and addresses on my house and land (which at one point were illegally listed under my ex-husband's office address as documented earlier here), and other blatantly illegal acts. They continue to refuse to admit the fraud or make any corrections, and they continue to list ownership of my house and property under Ed Hodges' address. Without proper legal representation or help from law enforcement, I haven't been able to force them to stop committing criminal fraud, and by my latest tax appraisal statements, the fraud is actively continuing as a result.

Some (but not all, by any means) of this fraud is summarized here in "How To Steal Property In Four Easy Steps". I wrote this shortly after my last property tax protest hearing during which, among other things, the county's tape recorder that was supposed to be officially recording the proceedings was instead quietly playing music; when this was pointed out to the appraiser in charge, he simply switched it off and proceeded with the hearing. (At least this time he didn't have an enormous black eye as an official at one of my previous hearings had. That guy had looked like he'd been in a fight, and it was very disconcerting, to say the least.)

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