Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Legal Situation, No. 1

In the United States of America, everyone is supposed to be entitled to proper representation by an attorney. However, I've been searching for proper legal representation for myself and my children for over 11 years now without success. More lawyers than I can count have first conned me, then (after I figured out what was going on) attempted to con me, and now either stall or completely shun me.

Eventually I learned I'm not the only victim of this sort of treatment by the local legal profession by any means. I'm posting this recent letter to the editor of the Kerrville Daily Times because it explains the legal situation here far better than I can and also because it provides a separate point of view. (I don't know the author.)

While the writer here gets it right, he doesn't go far enough. In our case, it has become clear that our adversaries are so powerful as to be able to cause the State Bar of Texas' referral services to deliberately send me to lawyers that actively tried to con me. Other experiences I've blogged about previously here (and many more I'll probably discuss in the future) make it clear both state and national legal assistance organizations like the Texas Advocacy Project, Texas Legal Aid, the Texas Civil Rights Project, and ACLU (both state and national), Public Justice, NOVA, and the various national crime victims' organizations have been pressured and/or coerced into refusing to help us.

How can this be?, you ask. It's because our case pits one homemaker and her children against numerous public officials (see "My Story" and "How To Steal Property...", for ex.), a former Secret Service agent (see "He Said", for ex.), former FBI and DEA agents (see "They Said", for ex.). and possibly people at the highest levels of the federal government (see "Namedropping" and "Questions and Answers", for ex.).

If you happen to know of an honest lawyer who can't be bought or coerced and is interested in a lot of publicity and the possibility of quadruple damages, PLEASE ask them to contact me immediately!


Dinah Menil said...

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ML said...

First of all, I'm not the one who needs a criminal attorney. And secondly, I'm not about to try clicking on that link you've provided!

Shawn Mosch said...

Many times victims are guilty until proven innocent . . . I think that needs to change.

ML said...

I do have some additional concerns about the first comment above. My ex-husband has some close personal friends, a married couple with children, who live in the Bay area. The husband once worked with me briefly in a scientific field and is one of the people who introduced me to my former husband. The wife works as a computer expert in Silicon Valley, and her first name starts with a "D". This couple and their kids travel regularly between the West Coast and our area--one of my ex-husband's earlier comments here talks about one of their visits (I think it was around Christmas of 2009).

My own children have told me that at the time their dad showed them blueprints for medical office buildings he said he was planning to build along my western fence line, he also told them this couple were partners in the project. I think they were even visiting here at the time.