Monday, June 28, 2010

DOJ Civil Rights Division

In desperation, I filed a well-documented complaint with the U.S. DOJ's Civil Rights Division, after one victims' rights organization suggested doing this. In my complaint, I provided evidence we were victims of illegal surveillance (see "Illegal Surveillance Summary"), documentation of wrong-doing by public officials, copies of threats made against me by law enforcement officers, evidence our right to proper legal representation was being interfered with, and much more. I also provided copies of correspondence from various law enforcement agencies refusing to do anything about any of it. This letter was their response.

Because no one in law enforcement will do anything to stop this, many of the basic civil rights of myself and my children continue to be blatantly violated on a daily basis and our situation only continues to escalate.

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Thomas Bean said...

When I called the DOJ Civil Rights Division, I allegedly talked to a paralegal who told me: "...we only work gunshots, beatings, murders by cops: excessive force...".

That's it.

They don't like the breadth and scope of civil rights laws including the Federal Eavesdropping law?

They won't work Interstate STalking either.....less, they would have to arrest FBI-DHS-Secret Surveillance Watch Groups.