Friday, June 18, 2010

New Noises And More

This morning around 6 AM we were once again rudely awakened by someone illegally broadcasting loud, obnoxious noises inside our home somehow. (For another example of this, please see my earlier post here entitled "Possible Hate Crime".) The noise this time was one I hadn't heard before, and I'm not sure quite what it was; it sounded something like someone taking an empty cardboard wrapping paper tube and slapping it repeatedly against something hard. This sound was repeated over and over for about 10-15 minutes while we all tried to ignore it. Then it stopped for a couple of minutes, resumed for a minute or two more at a much louder setting, and finally stopped for good.

Later today when I left to run a quick errand, a car full of rough-looking men was waiting for me around the corner. As I drove by, the car suddenly pulled out, one of the men flipped me off out the window as it passed, and then it sped off. As it did so, a local police car (that also seemed to have been magically waiting nearby) pulled in behind me briefly and then sped off after the other car (but did not pull it over or turn its lights on).

Then tonight while I was mowing out front, someone in a light green truck parked at the top of our driveway and sat there watching me for some time. There were many other vehicles that were doing drive-bys, but this was the only vehicle that stopped.

Yesterday morning we were awakened by a man repeatedly jogging back and forth in front of our house with a large yellow dog in order to make our dog bark. This same man was also waiting just west of our driveway with the dog when I went up to get the newspaper, and once again he jogged back and forth in front of our house with the dog. (He had to have somehow known I was coming, because I didn't walk up there at my usual time.)

Yesterday afternoon, the U.S. postal delivery lady brought a package from one of my children to my door--and by her comments let me know that she somehow already knew what was inside the box. (Even I didn't know what it was until I opened it.) This is the same lady who once tried to make me think I was signing for a package I was expecting when the card she handed me to sign was actually for a package of some kind of drugs that was addressed to one of my ex-husband's business partners. (Thankfully, I checked the card carefully before I signed! I did this because I knew the package I was expecting shouldn't have needed a signature.)

How do you stop severe harassment like this that involves so many people, so much corruption, and so much sophisticated illegal equipment? Clearly these people do not seem at all worried about facing any negative consequences from their actions.

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