Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heating Up In Texas

It's HOT here right now! Temperatures have been at or near triple digits and record highs every day for some time, with no rain or relief in sight. Most of our area remains under extreme drought conditions.

Two days ago, our central air conditioner went out. The technician I called from a neighboring town quickly diagnosed a coolant leak and said he'd be back the next morning when the coils thawed out to look for it. He also mentioned possible problems with the way the unit had been installed in our attic.

Yesterday morning he was back, and this time he showed me multiple leaks in the coils due to severe rust caused by the bottom of the unit's having been installed sitting down in the bottom of a drain pan that was filled with water. He said the unit never should have been installed like that and that I'd need to have the coils replaced, the unit raised up on blocks, and the drainage made functional again. Of course all of this is going to be expensive, and it's also a safety hazard because much of the electrical wiring is sitting in water.

The technician took photos to show his boss and co-workers what had been done. Later, I went up in the attic to take some photos of my own--and happened to notice that someone has removed the overflow pan from under our hot water heater! (It wasn't today's technician.) I also documented alterations to the duct work I'd noticed before, mainly the installation of a separate duct that leads straight from the blower to the vent directly above my bed. Our new set of coils is now on order and may take up to a week to arrive. Note: The J-shaped pipe at the base of the unit in the photos was part of the new repairs to make the drain functional that were done today.

Last night when I got the day's mail, I found an oversized advertising card sent to us by the company from here that had originally installed our a.c. unit; this card read, "Your Summer Comfort Depends on a Mechanical Massage." (This is the same company that tried repeatedly to get me to allow one of their employees into my house in the fall of 2007 at the same time that Diop Kamau, his associates, the local police, and a Verizon repairman were ALL frantically trying to force their way inside our home.)

Update, 2/2011: I just received the following letter from the man that originally installed the heat pump shown in the photographs here.

There are several important things you should know about this letter. The business owner who sent it never mentions his company by name, either by its name at the time of the installation (Schneider Refrigeration) or its name now (72 Degrees); even on the envelope this came in, there's no business name. Also, the brand he mentions here (Amana) is not the brand of equipment he normally sells, but it IS the brand he installed for me (because I told him I couldn't afford his usual brand and threatened to take my business elsewhere). This man's sister used to be my neighbor, and she was found shot to death under very suspicious circumstances. Her husband grew up with my ex-husband and is a life-long close associate of his.

It appears this businessman wants access to the inside of my house very badly all of a sudden. He also seems to want me to pay for repairs that he should be fixing for free and paying me damages for having done in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

of course mary lou did not observe anything that wasnt always there

in her kamau blog she describes this same scenario except the is POSITIVE that someone had FINISHED HER ATTIC AND ADDED INSULATION WITHOUT HER KNOWLEDGE
she modifies this claim in her many attempts to get her house de-bugged by the texas dps and others

probably the single most bizzarre thing she ever wrote