Saturday, June 20, 2009

If You Can't Trust Your Doctor,...

My children and I are finding it impossible to obtain proper medical care, and we suspect it's related to the medical offices going up all around us (on land related to suspicious deaths) plus the fact that all but one of the license plates we photographed at the real estate development meeting a few years ago supposedly came back to area doctors. (My oldest child and I personally saw the doctor who drove up in and got out of the vehicle that I was told had a license plate from a different vehicle on it.)

In 2005, we accidentally discovered that someone had changed the information for the responsible party on my children's account from my information to that of my former brother-in-law (who has NEVER had anything to do with their medical care and has NEVER been listed on any privacy or other medical forms of my children's). The few doctors that will see us refuse to give us HIPAA forms to sign, and when I filed a complaint about this, the person from the state medical board who wrote me the letter of refusal to do anything about it (they claimed there WAS a signed form on file, which my child and I knew was simply not true) had a last name that is linked to local real estate development.

Worse, when I took my child in for a recent medical exam, the physician and their assistant kept coming and going from the room without being called or paged and were asking extremely intrusive and strange questions that had nothing whatsoever to do with the exam, medical history, etc. [Exs: Did I have a boyfriend? What were my future plans?--all things my ex-husband would have wanted to know]. We later found out that this physician's spouse has a P.D. in engineering, he probably works for one of the companies that makes specialty medical and government equipment here, and we suspect that my ex- was listening in on the exam.

According to recent press releases by our local hospital, two new cardiac cath. labs are planned for here--but no locations are given. (Note: This procedure topped the list of surgical procedures most often performed unnecessarily on a recent CBS News report.) With all the construction going on around us, this being Texas, and there being no statute of limitations for conspiracy to commit multiple capital murders that I know of, you'd think at least some of these doctors would fear the needle.

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