Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Trust Issues

I have recently learned that the attorney mentioned in "My Story" below who was recommended to me by the document expert as a "trust lawyer" in fact used to work as a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio. After I fired her, she worked for a time as a personal injury lawyer associated with a major San Antonio law firm. Now she's advertising herself as an "Elder Law Lawyer" holding seminars that are described as courses on how to protect assets. One of these seminars was held in conjunction with a recent meeting of the local Democratic Women.

Update: A recent check of the State Bar of Texas website showed a statement on this lawyer's page that she is now working in a job that does not involve the practice of law.

Update, 4/12: This attorney, Carmen Samaniego, is now running for public office in Bexar County. Both she and her husband told me personally that her husband worked for the CIA, although I have not heard anything about this mentioned with regard to her candidacy.

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