Saturday, June 20, 2009

Victims of Kamau

Lately I've been hearing from other victims of Diop Kamau and his associates at the Police Complaint Center. These victims are located from one coast of the U.S. to the other!--and they all say they are very frightened of Kamau because of the threats, demands for more money, publishing of their private/personal information illegally on his website (including their SS#s), harassment, slander, and libel they experience when they confront him or file complaints against him.

Currently we're putting together a website where victims can go to register to receive updated information on where and how to file complaints and any legal or criminal action taken against him or just to correspond with each other over our experiences and compare notes at (I'm hearing stories from others that are remarkably similar to mine--it's been very interesting.) We know from the FL p.i. licensing bureau and the Better Business Bureau that there are LOTS of other victims out there, and we REALLY need to know who you are and what your experiences were so we can stop these people for good.

In the meantime, it is VERY important that you go to the iC3 (federal law enforcement) website and file a formal complaint against Kamau as soon as possible. This process is quick, easy, and private. After you complete the complaint process, you'll be given a code you can use to go back to your complaint anytime to edit it or add information. iC3 works with the FBI, and they can go after Kamau for federal wire fraud, but apparently they tend to give the most attention to cases with the greatest number of victims, so EVERY complaint is critically important.

Also, it is essential that you keep every piece of evidence or documentation that you have: emails, letters, receipts, mailing labels, etc. You should document any threats, harassment, etc. carefully in a diary or logbook, and you should be as accurate as possible about dates things happened, phone calls, what you were told versus what was actually done, etc. Finally, if you paid Kamau by check, it's very important that you try to obtain copies of these cancelled checks from your bank as soon as possible and that you make sure you get copies of the backs of the checks as well as the fronts. (These are needed to see who actually cashed your check, whether it was converted to a wire fund transfer as mine were, and whether there are stamps from additional banks and/or accounts on them.)

Some other places you can file complaints against Kamau and the PCC are the Washington, D.C. Attorney General's Office at, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)'s website, or If Kamau had you purchase any services from CryptoHeaven in Canada, you should be aware that they placed an additional charge on my credit card without my knowledge or consent and refused to refund it even after I filed complaints against them. If Kamau sold you anything from Pre-Paid Legal Services, you should go to for information concerning an ongoing federal fraud investigation of this company, and you should also be aware that Kamau was (is?) working as a salesman on commission for Pre-Paid Legal Services.

We can work together to do something about what was done to us, and we can help prevent the same thing from happening to innocent others!

Update: We have now located victims in CA (Fresno and LA), TX, NJ, FL, IA, GA, WA, and more. If you are a victim, PLEASE help us by leaving a comment at containing the state you were victimized in, the starting and ending dates of your interactions with Kamau and/or the PCC, and the dollar value of your losses--we desperately need this information for law enforcement investigations.


Anonymous said...

The Police Complaint Center got $4,000 from me for an investigation that was never done. Diop Kamau told me I would get a refund. It's been more than a year and still no refund.
I advise anyone who may consider hiring this organization ot think twice.

Anonymous said...

actually mary lou gave kamau over $63 000 in a yeras time

there is little question kamau took advantage of ml's mental impairment

kamau appears to be the signifigant other in her life and she is playing the spurnedparty with all the anger and bitterness of a dropped wife