Sunday, June 28, 2009

Location, Location, Location

The Bush Museum of the Pacific War is here. The LBJ ranch is here. My former father-in-law is a close associate of Tom Loeffler (both are from here) and a frat. brother of Red McCombs. My former brother-in-law who lives here went to college with Alberto Gonzales, and both became attorneys. Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (ex-CIA, Bolivia) has a ranch here. Many government officials and celebrities own property here. (Ex: Patrick Swayze raises Arabian horses here.)

My ex-husband grew up with the children of LBJ's Secret Service agents and knows many of them well. (Some of them have retired here.) Most of the highest-ranking officers of the Texas Department Safety seem to be from here or have ties here. The late head of the TX Rangers' CI unit grew up here with my former father-in-law and used to live in a house owned by my ex-husband's family.) The TX Rangers are planning a museum to be built here.

This ares is also considered a national aerospace, military, and security center. A major new military cyber-security facility is being planned for here. There are many companies here that have federal government contracts to manufacture sophisticated parts and equipment (including surveillance equipment) for the DHS, NASA, the CIA, and others; some of these same companies make equipment my ex-husband uses in his business. [Is any of this equipment among the millions of dollars worth of missing DHS equipment reported by WOAI?] There are ranches here that look more like military fortresses--the one owned by business writer Roger Cameron, for example. ("Follow the money.")

The Mexican border is only a few hours away by car.

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mostly true except the last paragraph

the border is 4 hours away however