Monday, June 22, 2009

If You Know The Right People You Can Get Away With Murder

There are dozens and dozens of extremely suspicious—and sometimes frankly outrageous—death cases from around here dating back for years. Take for example the teenaged “accident victim” whom authorities say was brought to the hospital alive and died a few hours later of head injuries that hospital workers who were present all say was actually nearly decapitated and brought to the E.R. tossed into the bed of a pickup like a hunter’s dead deer. (This victim was my ex-husband's younger sister.)

Then there’s the local man whom authorities claimed drowned when he went fishing during a flash flood. How about the local woman who supposedly blew her own head off with a high caliber handgun—but stopped to tie a bandanna around her head first? What about the teen who supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the abdomen with a long-barreled shotgun? Or the woman stopped and ticketed by local police (apparently the last persons to see her alive) who was found dead under an overpass near two crosses placed there for previous victims found at the same spot in 1998? What about the case of Col. Phillip Shue, found duct-taped (no fingerprints) and surgically mutilated (no cutting instrument found)--whose death was ruled a suicide by the M.E., J.P., D.A., and even the Air Force? (This case, which involved the same D.A. as our case, was the subject of a recent episode of 48 Hours Mystery on CBS.)

Then there’s the frail, elderly cancer survivor who could barely get around with a walker who was supposed to be driving on an icy freeway in the middle of the night and was found dead under an overpass. (She had been an outspoken environmentalist. After her death, her property was developed.) How about the case of the man on his way here for an important meeting concerning a controversial real estate project who was found dead on the side of the road, the woman who died shortly before she was to testify to a grand jury about my former father-in-law, and the woman who suddenly quit as office manager for my former in-laws’ law office and turned up dead on the side of the road in a relatively undamaged USPS delivery vehicle a few months later?

Then there’s the mystery of the missing defibrillators. One was stolen from a neighboring county fire department in 2002 and never recovered. Another, purchased more recently with Homeland Security grant money, was discovered sitting out in the open in the corner of the local police chief’s office (the one who’s my ex-‘s close friend)—and he wasn’t authorized to use it. Some of the injectable hospital drugs I found among my ex-husband’s things could also be used to stop hearts.

I repeat: there are dozens and dozens of death cases like these here.


Anonymous said...

mary lou will write that all the deaths are murder for the purpose of obtaining the victims proerty.. and that there is huge conspiricy more or less revolving around her

on many of her descriptions she fills in made-up details to lend credence to her theory

you will see this tactic of fabrication added to an otherwise legit. event over and over and over

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are trying to cover this up. If this is false, why are you even posting here? I think there is something bad going on here and I think an outside state or the feds need to come in and investigate this.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have coroner problems to say the least. Wish I could say it only happens in Texas but seems it's all over the country. Locally a person said, "People are afraid of me because my father-in-law is the coroner." Ever heard of a gunshot wound to the head and chest ruled suicide? How about a hanging, with hands tied behind the back ruled suicide? Here they drag the local lake for a body, pull up two others they weren't even looking for.

ML said...

We have coroner problems galore and so much more! Coincidentally, Texas filmmakers Steve Mims and Joe Bailey, Jr. are coming out with a documentary on the Willingham case, about a man who was wrongfully convicted and executed due to false evidence and testimony by various expert witnesses. Another good example of coroner problems here can be found by doing Internet searches on the death of Col. Phillip Shue of Boerne and reading about the case; some info. on this case is also posted on this blog.

If you write something up about what you know about your local situation, I'd be happy to post it to this blog (either credited or anonymously, whichever you prefer). You can email me at I hope you will at least consider letting me know where you're located. I'm in touch with people from all over the U.S. and overseas who keep track of the sort of things you're describing and take them very seriously, even if official law enforcement does not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse said: "mary lou will write that all the deaths are murder for the purpose of obtaining the victims proerty.. and that there is huge conspiricy more or less revolving around her"

And yet she hasn't done that here.

Are you a pathological liar with a personal grudge who likes to maliciously persecute ex-wives?