Monday, June 22, 2009

Issues of Commitment

Harvey Hildebrand recently introduced state legislation setting up a new facility for involuntary commitments here that has far less outside oversight than previous facilities used for this. At the same time, I received some threatening emails from my ex-husband.

When one of my children returned from visitation extremely frightened and upset and said my ex- was openly saying he intended to have me involuntarily committed, I immediately forwarded copies of the emails, a description of what my child had said, and copies of recently published info. on the new facility to state and federal law enforcement and asked them for protection. (Of course I received no response from them, but so far my ex- hasn't tried this, either.)

There have been persistent rumors around here for years about people being involuntarily committed long enough for others to gain control of their assets. Interestingly, a more recent newspaper article about the new facility detailed ongoing conflicts between law enforcement officers wanting to commit people to the facility and medical staff there refusing to accept patients who had not been thoroughly medically evaluated first. Update: A new newspaper article on the facility states that the staff was all "carefully hand-picked".


Anonymous said...

i did indeed get upset when her blogs were made known to me

i believe that she needs a court appointed trustee to keep her from throwing away money ( 179 000 $ + at the time of this writing

this money was spent on the private eyes as a direct result of her untreated paranoid personality disorder

the disease itself can be successfully teated as an outpatient

Anonymous said...

I think this needs to be investigated by an interest outside of Texas. It seems to me that there are lots of people in power who think they are above the law. I would love to see 60minutes or 20/20 investigate this. I have seen lots of other towns get dissolved over crap like this. Such as New Rome OH., Bell CA, etc...

ML said...

I have been trying to get the national media to report on the situation here for many years. So far, the only network to do so has been CBS, which featured the Phillip Shue murder case on its "48 Hours Mystery" program.

Anything anyone can do to help as far as getting the media to cover what's going on in Central Texas, particularly with regard to what's been and is still being done to my kids and me is GREATLY appreciated. If enough people contact the networks, newspapers, and periodicals and let them know they're aware of what's going on here and the fact that the media are covering it up, they will eventually do something about it.