Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Construction Update

Frantic construction continues along my western fence line--down in a large ditch, underneath a large power line, out in the middle of an open field, and on the completely opposite side of my property from anything else medical/developed. It's blatantly obvious to anyone driving by that the intent is to deliberately surround our house with development in order to justify the enormous increases in my tax appraisals.

This is clearly conspiracy involving the persons fronting for my ex-husband by claiming to own the property being built on (remember, my children said long ago that their dad showed them blueprints for these buildings and told them he would be the one building them; I documented this in letters to authorities and law enforcement at the time; this land also directly adjoins land from two of the suspicious death victims), public officials, and others. Law enforcement all the way up to the Department of Justice knows about all of this through my numerous complaints and still does nothing, which means the people doing this are also free to do this to others--and it is well-known around town that a new outer loop around the city is planned, so there WILL be other victims.

Hopefully all of these will survive, but given the past, you can't count on it. The only reason I'm still alive is that I've made such a public appeal for help to both the media and law enforcement. There have actually been a number of attempts on my life in the past, but it's now reached the point where my ex-husband can't afford the scrutiny of his finances and his character that an investigation and major media attention would bring.


ML said...

Note: There is now extensive utility work of some kind going on close to our house that frequently results in the city closing our street. This makes it difficult to get in and out of our house, and we never know when this will occur because the city continues to refuse to notify us in advance as they are supposed to do. (This has been going on with them for many years--we are not even notified when they will be working on our property.)

Anonymous said...

you forgot to say your ex was dressed up as a crewman!

Anonymous said...

this is "clearly a conspiricy" the people to her west have no relationship to her ex or any of his associates or friends

ML said...

One of the "people to the west" is in the same business field as my ex-husband, and her office is next door to his (and is the same office building I refer to in my "Death Connections" post). This woman's husband is a pilot, as is my ex-.

In 2006, two of my children said their father showed them building plans for what he told them were medical office buildings he intended to build along my western fenceline. I documented this in letters to my lawyer at the time, a newspaper reporter, and others that I wrote trying to find out about these buildings, including why there had not been anything about them published or announced by the city.