Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hodges Statements

Here are some sample excerpts from emails I received from private investigator Ed Hodges in 2004 that document some of the things he was telling me. (See "My Story" at the beginning of this blog.)

There are a couple of additional things you should be aware of. Notice that Hodges used "Pegasus" for his email address, which also happens to be the well-known symbol of Louisville, KY where my father and step-mother live (see "My Story" and "Check Connections"). Also, I have learned that "falco", or falcon, is Mexican narco-slang for a drug lookout; Hodges' p.i. company was called Peregrine International.


Anonymous said...

you are an incrdiably gullible fool

mary lou loved it when hodges stoked the fires of conspiricy


she spent hughe amounts of nergy and money trying to fire hodges

of course, hodges knew she was nuts and was desparate to get out of the deal

she actually was sued by hodges which went to arbitration

ML said...

First of all, please go back and re-read my "Revoked" and "My Story" postings.

Regarding the lawsuit, which was ridiculous, utterly groundless, harassing, and probably criminal, I immediately filed a countersuit.

The "artitration" my ex-husband refers to here turned out to be a day-long attempt to extort money from me and commit other criminal acts against me that involved two attorneys and a well-known retired judge. It ended when I threatened to go to the D.A.'s office.

Anonymous said...

no, you liar, it ended when you and hodges agreed to settle for no damages. you posted this with diop yourself

youd gone to the da a bunch of times anyway

this is one of your easy to prove lies you yourself proved

ML said...

I have NEVER agreed to settle with Hodges or anyone else, and I certainly have never "posted" any such thing to anyone. Any statements to the contrary are utterly false. Period.

Anonymous said...

liar you told your buddy diop all about it ant and postit it on you "i love diop" website

Anonymous said...

for the record mary lou went to arbitration over hodges and settled for no money award to either party

it appears hodges had a viable case against mary lou but did not persue the claim for the obvious reason that he wanted out of the trust very badly

mary lous claim against hodges was without merit and largely based on her suspicion that there was a huge conspiricy involving perhaps hundreds whose goal was to get her land and dozens of other peoples land often involving murder

mary lou complained so loudly, that hodges must have fielded an offer to buy ml's land from a guy named imel(?)

her basis of all this suspicion was that the body of the trust docu,amts were forged to allow hodges to sell her land(without her permisssion) mary lou never admits that the trust was irrevokable and that hodges had every right to sell or do any thing with the land i
that he felt prudent

hodges realized that mary lou was simply imposssible to deal withbecause of her very severe impiarment due to paranoid personality disorder and he wanted nothing more than to distance himself from her (duh!)

he must have spent some amount of money to chase deamons til he found out there was no conspiricy whatsover, ever.

ten years later mary lou still has her property and poor hodges has passed away

ML said...

The statements made in the previous comment are utterly false.

Anonymous said...

really? you are denying it? in fact every stament is unfortunately very true and still is!

Anonymous said...

is hodges alive? do you still have all your land? was there no offer from imel? did you arbitarate haodges case?

every thing above is paraphrased from mary lous own copius posting i stand by every word