Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kamau Statements

Here are some sample emails I received from Diop Kamau in 2007 that document what he was telling me. (Compare these to what he has posted on his website,, and elsewhere on the internet!)

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Anonymous said...

mary lou is a f*****g idiot

this is stuff rehashed from her 150 plus rantings against diop kamau

what is truly amazing is that she gave this crook some100 000 dol +++ and he gladly took it

if you read her anti you would figure out that diop took her for a ride including 4500 dol per month for some device called a magnet detector blah blah blah. she was stupid enough to leave the house so it could be installed so she doesnt even kn ow what or where it is

m l is such an idiot that she still thinks this device is in her house broadcasting her every move to the world

what a freakin fool you are mary lou

you could have asked even one person you trust and they would have told you to stop throwing away bucks tto this crook immediately

whay mary lou didnt ask any trusted friend or relative for advice?

because she has ZERO friends or relatives that she trusts

she threw away aenough money to buy a house anywhere so she could permanatly leave the "hell hole" that is this place

you are so stupid you desereve what you got

\you idiot