Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Do What?

In my previous post, I discussed the prevalence of drug use in our communities in Central Texas. Now I'd like to illustrate the scope of the problem more overtly.

Shown here is an announcement that was published in the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post. Reading the portion I've marked will allow you to discover that they actually have to publish it in the newspapers ahead of time when community events will need to be drug-free.

There is no other possible explanation for announcements like these than that law enforcement is being deliberately selective about when and where drug laws are enforced. (This particular event is held yearly and is marketed to families, so I'm guessing they'd had complaints in the past.)

You simply can't have situations like this if law enforcement is doing their job properly. And please don't try to convince me that the DEA and DOJ don't know about this; when law enforcement is dysfunctional on such a large scale, there's no way they could not know what's going on here.

There are a couple more important pieces of information you need to have. This particular announcement was actually published on 4/27/03 (!!) and was included in my complaints to the U.S. DOJ that were the subject of their response posted here on 9/20/09 and entitled "Response From DOJ". If this isn't a documented, clear-cut example of local, state, and federal law enforcement conspiring together to aid and abet organized crime, I don't know what is. It makes you think twice about suspicious death cases like those of Theresa Vallado, where local police were the last people to see her alive, and Linda Muegge, where local police showed up at the scene way too quickly according to published newspaper accounts.

Please keep in mind that we are located in Central Texas, well inside the United States and not right along the border. (Suddenly this side seems less safe and secure and more like what's going on in Mexico, doesn't it?) With a situation like this, is it really any wonder victims of drug addiction and crime find it impossible to get the help they need, deserve, and are entitled to here?

You might find it helpful at this point to go back and read or re-read my post of 12/8/09 entitled "Texas As A Third World Country" below. How entire communities can base their economies on narcotourism is beyond me. (What were they thinking?)

Update: Things don't exactly seem to be getting any better... (Remember, these are high school students being discussed here.)


Anonymous said...

conspiricy and drugs mary lou must be in paradise!

Anonymous said...

come on we want to see the grainy pix of the sausage shaped transfer, now tato one you should have sent to tthe doj!

Anonymous said...

mary lou when you get your mental heath back, and i'm sure you will someday, you will look at this as evereyone else does and say that you are a making a huge deal out of nothing. the one thing that kept your sanity under control was having someone in your life you could rely on for objectivity

it is really important you try again to get someone in your life again

ML said...

Notice the date on the previous comment.

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ha ha i get but im totally serious