Monday, March 22, 2010

The State Bar of Texas Said

...Nothing, of course.

As I've explained earlier, after I caught the Boerne lawyer and his two p.i. friends allowing my former father-in-law to listen in on my supposedly confidential meeting with them and had to fire them, I began extensively searching for an attorney to represent my children and me properly. I repeatedly tried using the state bar referral services, but none of the attorneys they sent me to would speak with me, return my phone calls, etc. After a while, I got tired of being given the run-around by lawyers the state bar had deliberately sent me to, so I wrote this letter and sent it to them in desperation, but I never received any response of any kind.

Then two years later, after having to also fire the San Antonio lawyer that was recommended to me by the highly regarded document expert with FBI contacts, I decided to give the state bar's referral services another try. Unfortunately, after dealing with numerous attorneys they recommended at different times, I eventually realized that of the ones that would speak to me (about half), all of them insisted that I either "sign off on" the clearly fraudulent trust I knew full well by know had never existed and that I sign over a percentage of my land as payment for their services, which I also knew was part of the con; when I refused to do this and indicated I was aware of what was going on, they inevitably got nervous and dropped me. Eventually, I got tired and disgusted with this "game" and reluctantly gave up on the referral service entirely, deciding instead to pursue other possible legal options (state and national organizations) instead. Meanwhile, my ex-husband, his family, and their associates were all claiming that even if I did succeed in finding us proper legal representation, they could easily bankrupt me with legal fees, since they have unlimited legal resources.


Anonymous said...

you are a digusting liar

mary lou said she saw her ex's dads van outside her lawyers office


she has no evidence whatsover but went on to go ballistic with every agency she could think of ,, guess what.. the told her in a nice way YOU ARE CRAZY

Anonymous said...

please send her a good sharpie so she doesnt have to cut up her letters