Thursday, March 18, 2010

Money Laundering?

The same man who impersonated a licensed private investigator and security guard as discussed previously in "Impersonation" (posted 9/1/09) also told me there were signs of money laundering in some of my ex-husband's business dealings, as documented by the emails shown here. Of course the promised investigation was paid for by me and then never done--or if it was, I was never furnished with the report on it that I later requested by certified letter from this investigator's boss, Ed Hodges. (Hodges' refusal to provide me with a report when I requested it was one of the DPS violations that caused him to lose his investigator's license as discussed in "Revoked" below.)

The sample invoices from Hodges posted here show that the author of these emails, George Petrie (GP on the invoices), billed me through Hodges' company for both investigative work and travel expenses to and from Dallas, where he claimed to live, as documented in the additional posted email and handwritten note. However, in the spring of 2005 when one of my children and I were touring Schreiner College in Kerrville, we happened to spot the name "George Petrie" on an office door, and I remembered that I'd mainly met with Petrie in and around the Kerrville area. After our tour ended, we went to the information desk, requested a catalog, and discovered that a George Petrie just happened to teach accounting there. When we got home later, we also discovered a listing for a residence for him in Kerrville in the phone book--but with a different wife's name from the one he'd told us.

As discussed earlier, despite my filing repeated complaints against Petrie with the Texas Department of Public Safety and meeting with an investigator, Petrie was never disciplined for or charged with any offenses as far as I know. If he did have evidence of money laundering, he was required to turn it over to law enforcement.

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Anonymous said...

poor petrie of course was dead wrong, later he knew mary lou was paraniod and would become part of the grand theory of harrassment/taxeds/taking over her land etc

my theory is that mary lou is frankly worried about her finances and is desperately grabbing at straws

heres an idea-- get a job and quit your whining

your excuses are running out