Friday, March 26, 2010

Winter Texans

Since the subject of "Winter Texans" came up previously (see my "To The Beach And Back Again" post of 3/16/10), I decided I needed to post some additional information in order to show that what might have seemed like an offhand comment earlier should probably be taken more seriously.

The document shown here is a copy of a letter one of my children received from their grandfather in 2005 while they were off at college. (This child is an adult, and the letter is reproduced here with their permission.) Notice that most of the body of the letter contains a discussion of persons who were apparently visiting in Central Texas from North Dakota at the time.

My children and I do not know any of the visitors mentioned in this letter. My kids have actually received (and kept) many more letters like this one over the last ten years or so. Most of these letters follow the same general format: a small amount of very general/generic information plus a large section documenting the visits from elsewhere (usually either the Northern U.S. or overseas) of people none of us has ever heard of. Often these letters also contain detailed descriptions of various trips the writers/grandparents have taken as well, even though these trips were routine ones, not trips of any particular interest to my kids, and the details written about these trips are, like the descriptions of the visitors' trips, far more extensive and detailed than the rest of the letters. In fact, many of these letters seem very strange as a result, and over the years, my children have asked me many questions about them that I've been unable to answer.

As I've learned more and more about the situation here, I've come to believe these letters may have been written in an effort to try and provide documentation about the stated purposes for certain trips by certain persons. Because the letters contain detailed information about names, places, and dates, I've been very concerned for some time about whether our having this information might be dangerous for us, especially since we have no secure way of turning it over to law enforcement.

This was one of the reasons why the strange phone call I received from the man claiming to be an FBI agent in which he asked me repeatedly whether I'd gone to the DEA or not (see "He Said", posted on 9/17/09) was so disturbing and frightening to me and why I pressed first the FBI and then the DOJ so hard to either confirm or deny and investigate whether the call had actually come from them or not as detailed in my 9/19/09 and 9/20/09 posts below.

I have two additional observations that concern this particular letter. One of my ex-husband's business partners is from North Dakota and has family living there. This happens to be the same business partner one of my children and I observed driving a vehicle we photographed and then were told had a license plate that didn't belong on it a few months later. Secondly, this letter was written by the same grandparent/attorney who wrote the 2005 letters urging me to have my over-18 children sign trust documents he'd drawn up that gave control of all my children's assets to my ex-husband as discussed here in several posts from 9/23/09 and 9/24/09. (My kids didn't sign these documents or anything else that might be similar. By the way, my children have no assets to speak of unless they were to inherit our house and property from me.)

Finally, in case you haven't figured it out by now, I am using this blog to try and get out as much accurate information as possible because so far, every person, agency, and organization I've contacted about helping us has refused to do anything, including those groups and people specifically charged with helping and protecting innocent victims of crime and domestic abuse, which my children and I very clearly are. The flagrant official violations of our civil and human rights (right to proper legal representation, right to protection both from and against law enforcement, right to privacy, right to proper treatment by public officials, etc.) are particularly shameful, as is the DOJ's refusal to do anything about any of this. Because no one speaks out to stop what's being done to myself and my children or takes any action to stop it, our situation only continues to escalate.


Anonymous said...

mary lou has absolutely gone over the edge

this is the most bizzare posting you have ever made, it is imperative you get mental help asap

everyone but you realizes you are reading danger and warning in every single thing you observe

ML said...

This evening when I walked my dog, I noticed someone had taped a hand-written notice of a garage sale at our house (had our address on it) to the grass next to the sidewalk where I always walk the dog (where I was sure to see it and it wouldn't blow away). Of course there's not really a garage sale here; it's more harassment.

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon she'll start hearing voices....

ML said...

No voices, but from about 2:15-2:30 PM this afternoon, we heard someone repeatedly shooting what sounded like a cannon (high-powered weapon?) somewhere just to the west of our property.

Anonymous said...

it is the same, she already hears many noises the voices are not far behind

Anonymous said...

mary lou and trusts

the kids were offered a trust to help pay for their college education...mary lou had a fit because the trust was structured to specifically exclude ml getting control of the money to be given to the kids..and for very good reason if you read the dozens of postings on how ml describes losing hundreds of thousands to people she hired

this is the gist of the trust ,plain and simple

mary lou didnt bother to get any advice other than her own voices

she never once mentioned that her ex father in law paid thousands toward the kids college eduction by other means

mary lou ,you are a an incredible jerk the way you accuse your ex AND the way you use the kids's names to further your paranoid ideas

ML said...

One of the trust documents my ex-husband mentions in his comment above is posted here, at "Trust Issues" (9/23/09) and surrounding posts below. Read the document, related letters, and my discussion and decide for yourself whether this trust was about giving or taking.

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot

Anonymous said...

just how much have you helped with tuition and expenses maybe $1000 at the most over 8 years and your ex's dad maybe $50 000

i submit you are a horrible liar, or severely impaired mentally

you are the judas, turning against everone for your gain

i hope you enjow the ninth ring of hell

Anonymous said...

Dear Dumbass,
The loud cannon noises are probably people blowing things up or shooting guns. My kids have things they shoot at and they explode ,sounding like a bomb. All perfectly legal and has nothing to do with you. We live west of your property and now that we know it annoys you we will keep doing it. We happen to live out of city limits so we have no noise ordinance so we can make all the noise we want.

ML said...

It sounds as if you are bragging about committing acts of harassment (and possibly more) that are illegal. Also, you should be aware that I know who you are, who you associate with, and more. Further, my kids and I have documented numerous acts of harassment committed by you and your family members over many years. These need to stop immediately.

Anonymous said...

most noises mary lou hears , birds tweeting traffic etc she attributes to hidden devices apparently left by diop to monitor her. she is convinced that her every move and thought is monitored by such devices(such as knowing when she is going to walk the dog)

mary lou believes that there are hundreds or thousands of people who are standing by to harrass her on a moments notice. this is a feature of narcissistic personality disorder which is very lose to paranoid personality disorder