Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Rumor Mill

Rumors here are flying concerning the election results in the recent Kerr County Republican primary race for County Attorney. The situation sounds disturbingly similar to what happened in the Miller/Macias race in our area a few years ago. (Macias began filing charges of election fraud and then suddenly dropped them.) Important notes: Rob Henneke is the son of the former law partner of the attorney representing the late Ed Hodges. I believe the Hennekes also have ties to Wisconsin, home of former Secret Service agent Jim Ferrier (see various previous posts here) and where my ex-husband happens to have a checking account for some reason.

Also, do the many local "insiders" who are suddenly honking their horns, waving, laughing, and yelling things at me in large numbers really believe they and their relatives are immune from losing their assets? For example, there are persistent rumors that land grabs related to the proposed new outer loop around our town have already begun.

Finally, I continue to hear that safe deposit boxes in local banks aren't secure, particularly with regard to important documents. I know for a fact that my gold high school ring disappeared out of one many years ago, so I suspect this rumor is probably accurate.


Anonymous said...

hearing rumors

mary lou hears rumors again and again

we want to see the parade you are talking about

Anonymous said...

hearing more rumors

transation of a ml rumor ' i want to backup something i made up"

rumors we DO hear

we hear that ml has the reputaion of being the local crazy woman

we hear that mary lou is so impaired by paraniod personality disorder/agoraphobia that she is afraid to leave the house or be left alone

we hear she has walked down the street carrying a sword or machete

we hear that when when mary lou 'hears' a rumor that she has another paraniod idea that is so inane that seven mary lou has to make up support for it

Anonymous said...

mary lou "knows for a fact"

she states her high school ring was taken from a safe box at the bank--hogwash
she knows for a fact her mother in law was selling drugs from a dually truch
she knows for a fact her dad threateened to have her killed

we can all assume that if she says she knows for a fact that anything happened' it likely did not.

Anonymous said...

oooh... wisconsin... ties with wisconsin... oh nos

ML said...

The pseudo-medical stuff in the comment above is utterly false, as anyone who knows me will attest.

Anonymous said...

i do indeed know you very well

you are as crazy as bat sh=t