Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lawyer 5

Shown here is an email exchange I had with the first lawyer recommended to me by the document expert I hired. (See my 9/16/09 post below entitled "She Said".) The document expert recommended this attorney (who specializes in personal injury law) when I first met with her and hired her (which was the day before she said she'd had some sort of mysterious all-day meeting; I'm not sure why she told me about this).

On the morning of June 14, 2006, my cell phone rang while I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentist's office waiting to get my teeth cleaned. The number came up as being from San Antonio [I can provide the entire number]. When I answered, a man who sounded like this lawyer said my former brother-in-law's name in a questioning manner. [My former brother-in-law is also a personal injury lawyer.] I told the caller they had the wrong number, and they immediately hung up without saying anything else.

As you can see here, this lawyer refused to represent us a few days later, so I called the other attorney the document examiner referred me to as shown below in "She Said". (I then met with and hired this second attorney, but I later had to fire her as I explained in "My Story" at the beginning of this blog.)

Coincidentally, a 30-year-old man from Austin with the same somewhat unusual last name as the lawyer in this email exchange was shot to death in our town on 10/28/06. This fatal shooting happened at a home just off the same road that borders my property to the north, but about a mile past my place to the west. The young man was supposedly killed by the owner of the house because he was trying to break in. The newspapers reported that the Texas Rangers were investigating, but as far as I know, no charges were ever filed in the case.

There are some other odd coincidences regarding this shooting. The victim's mother's last name (which is different from her son's) is the same as that of 3 local siblings who also died fairly young. (At least 2 of these died suddenly around the same time.) A step-brother of the victim's has the same last name as that of the lawyer Ed Hodges used for the fraudulent trust he forged my initials on and illegally manipulated and is from the same city. The lifelong best friend of the victim (according to his obituary) happens to live in a rental house owned by my ex-husband that borders my property, and this friend lost his own sister in a suspicious car accident years ago. Furthermore, this same best friend also happens to be a cousin of one of my former father-in-law's and brother-in-law's long-time law partners. [Now are you thoroughly confused??]


ML said...

After going back and looking over the documentation I have for the above, I need to make one correction: the somewhat unusual last name of the lawyer has an "s" on the end of it, but the last name of the victim discussed above does not. Other than this additional letter, the names are the same. As far as I could tell, the lawyer did not appear to be listed as immediate next-of-kin in the victim's obit.

Anonymous said...

what would a reasonable person do?

if you discovered bulldozers working on your land without your permission or knowledge woul you
1immediately talk to the forman and demeand they get off your property?
would you cal the sherriff to have the crew arested for tresspassing?
would you call the mayor, city attorney , street department to demand an explaination?
would you hire a lwayer to file a cease and desist order?


would you do nothing til almost ten years later then blog about getting ripped off
because the street was constucted with your full knoledge and consent?

ML said...

Please go back to the beginning of this blog and read "My Story". It's not possible to do any of the things listed above when all of the local officials and law enforcement officers are in on the fraud. It's also not possible to do any of the things listed above without being able to obtain proper legal representation, which I am in the process of documenting in this blog. (I have heard that damages related to federal organized crime offenses are automatically quadrupled, which may explain why certain people are so desperate to prevent me from obtaining proper legal representation that they would take the risk of putting me under full-time illegal surveillance.)

Anonymous said...

poor mary lou not one person in the world believes you cant hire a lawyer, all you need is a case. tell us one instance that you were deprived of anything at all that you didnt instigate

if you didnt tell so many lies you might have some chance

1 the old lady and the dually
2city employees transferring drugs
3the crap about your dad
4 your attic being secretely finished

at least admit you are a pathologic liar

Anonymous said...

mary lou wanted the property division

just so everyone knows, mary lou wanted the property divided, she met with the city attorney and signed the plat giving the land to the city

she made no protest at all when milam street was constructed. she agreed to it and wanted the street put in

she did not gripe til much later ( a few years) when she "discovered " she wasnt getting money for the deal

so...did the city attorney promise her money at some future date if she would go ahead and deed the property to the city?

of course not!

ML said...

I have extensive documentation, including correspondence with the city, proving exactly who wanted and/or did what when. The statements made in the above comment simply are not true.

Anonymous said...

lying sack of s##t

you gave the land awy for a good reason

ML said...

Please also see my more recent post entitled "The Legal Situation".